PLPR/W- Primary Literacy Programme (Reading & Writing) (P.1-3)

Our Native English Teacher (NET) – Mr. Michael works together with our English teachers in PLPR/W lessons to help students enjoy reading and guide them to write in an interesting and effective way. Students can also learn in an authentic English environment.

Students have two lessons every week in our colourful and lovely English room. With storybooks complemented with songs, games and other activities, students are encouraged to read and communicate with teachers in English. Students are going to read in small groups with the NET so that they have more chances to express their understandings and feelings towards the stories.

To build up students’ self-reading habits, a home reading scheme is introduced and they can enjoy reading with parents at home.


P.1 TreasureHunt
P.2 RimeGame_1
P.2 RimeGame_2
P.2 Click and read
P.3 Long Vowel Games